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Ecdysterone vs Creatine

Posted by: Doug

Hey Paul,

I was reading on your website your Ecdy-Bolin Ecdysterone supplement and have some questions.

What will Ecdysterone do that Creatine will not do?

Would they be taken together daily?

What about age, 66 yro still in pretty good shape?

Re: Ecdysterone vs Creatine

Posted by: Paul

Ecdysterone and Creatine are completely different supplements and work in very different ways.

Creatine helps to maintain the energy supply your muscles so you are stronger and can do more reps. Creatine also pulls water into your muscle cells which increases muscle volume. See https://www.trulyhuge.com/creatine.htm

Ecdysterone has been shown to increase protein synthesis in muscles thus building more muscle mass. Ecdysterone also seems to help with body fat loss. See https://www.trulyhuge.com/ecdy-bolin.htm

They actually work great together.

I have many people your age and older taking it with really good results. Of course if you have any health issues check with your doctor before taking it.

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