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Powerlifting tips for beginners

Posted by: Mike

Should I spend more time on the internet or in the gym?

Should I go out and buy all the latest and greatest equipment or work a little harder in the gym?

Should I go by the latest supplement or eat a nice healthy meal?

Should I go out and party all night or get 8 hours of sleep?

Should I enter a contest or wait until my lifts are up to par?

Should I work hard with what I have or cry about what I don't?

Just a few points to ponder! Train hard, eat good, get lots of sleep! Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do! Enter the next contest in your area, no excuses! Weigh the cost of all the books, videos and equipment vs. the actual benefit. You wouldn't get a degree at Harvard to work as a janitor! Beginner's, enter a meet and lift RAW or with just a basic suit, belt and knee wraps. If, over time, you decide it's worthwhile then upgrade your equipment. I'm all for equipment, in the right hands it can work miracles!

Build a good strength base and eat good! Push your body and mind to the limit and then rest! Be intense, when you go to the gym...hit it and quit it! One hour to a hour and a half max!

I only send this because over the past few years I've got a few lifters into Powerlifting! I urge them to do two things, get a lifting suit and belt! Before long they've amassed an arsenal of equipment: deadlift shoes, squat shoes, expensive bench shirt! After a meet or two, I've had these same individuals say, I'm not going to compete anymore!!! Why, why invest so much into something when you don't even know if you will do more than 1 or 2 contest?

My personal arsenal consist of 4 sqt/deadlift suits, 1 bench shirt ($100), 2 pairs of deadlift shoes (color coordinated), a nice power belt, a singlet, 2 pairs of knee wraps and wrist wraps! This doesn't include the 3 bench shirts and 3 pairs of knee wraps that I gave away! So, I'm definitely pro gear! Just don't make any expensive mistakes!!!

Set a goal:

-Break a personal best

-Be the strongest in your gym

-Place in the top 3 in your weight class

-Be the strongest in your city

-Set a state record

-Finish 1st in the State Championships

-Qualify for Nationals

-Compete at Nationals

-Place in the top 3 at Natls

-Win the Nationals

-Compete at Worlds

-World Champion (There's one out there!)

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