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Benefits of powerlifting for females

Posted by: Gabrielle

You'll very likely be answering a lot of questions pertaining to women and powerlifting - something I know a bit about. Obviously, others here know more about lifting in general, but there are a lot of practical reasons why women SHOULD be lifting (and why they should NOT be using the smith machine).

1. Women, being naturally weaker than men, should try to be strong to be less dependent on a man to move, lift, or carry something.

2. Women often have lower back problems from carrying kids, groceries, carrying vacuum cleaner, standing over an ironing board, or carrying a heavy purse. Build their abs and obliques and strengthen their lower back will help that- the smith machine won't help their stabilizers.

3. Women will not "bulk up" like men - we don't have the testosterone. Real bulk on a woman is usually just too much bodyfat, which will go DOWN as their muscle mass goes UP. Meaning... cardio is ok, but weights are necessary!

4. As people age, they sag. building muscle combats that.

5. A stonger woman will have an easier time with childbirth and general surgery recovery.

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