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Powerlifting advice and information

Posted by: rickey dale crain

good day to all.....

...let me offer some advice and information that might help..... as you look at gear...routines.....form and style....take the following into consideration......

1. age of the person

-extremely young lifters under the age of 12-13-14 need to be careful and work on form ...style and technique before going very heavy

-the older lifter..over 40 needs to keep the routines very simple also and stick to basics.....they are more susceptable to injuries....

-younger lifters will make gains because of the age...on any type of routine with or without gear.....as they reach and go into puberty and beyond the males have an increase of testosterone and growth hormone production which enhances their gains......the female to a much lesser degree has a similar type of advantage over the older lifter but not near anywhere the advantage the male has....

the older lifter has less testosterone and growth hormone production so this will start to limit their gains....and the injury recuperation factor is a lot slower....

2. sex of the person

-form and style can be dictated by ones sex also

-and as mentioned before the gains becasue of different hormone production levels...

3. length of time trained

-newer lifters need to keep to the simple routines

-more experienced lifters can do more and take on more training in their routines

-also newer lifters need to train ligament and tendon strength....as their muslce strenth will lag behind that...so to avoid injury take everything at it's own pace......think long term.....

4. location training (types and kinds of equipment)

-home hard core gyms have more opportunity for gains as they have what one needs

-home gyms not well equipped are harder to make needed gains in

-fitness/fluff gyms are hard to train in all together and gains are very minimal

-hard core gyms for athletes are one of the best places to make the gains you need... they have the atmosphere...equipment..and the peopole...spotters....etc.....but these are becoming like dinosaurs.....

5. training partners

-good training partners will speed up training momentum and gains...they will help encourage.....pushing each other is the name of the game to getting better.....

6. supplementation

-vit-min/protein/etc......everyone needs these.....if you are not using they will limit your gains

-steroids and other egrogenic aids.....these must be taken into consideration when looking at some people's routines..as they were written by people using this type of advantage

7. gear

-all types of supportive and injury protection equipment as well as the style and makeup of each....the basic to the more scientifically advanced....

8. time of day training

-if you are training hard the evening is the best time...this is not always a viable option because of job...family...etc..

9. location

-if you have to travel a long distance this can also cut into training

10. genetics

-this plays an important part in how fast one can make gains....

11. height, weight, and joint length and size (somewhat included in genetics)

-this will determine some what form..style..and technique may be needed as well as potential

12. personal life

-ones personal life ...good or bad ...hard or easy has a lot to do with gains...some are controllable...some are not

13. bad habits/good habits...

-smoking...drinking....etc....amount of hours of sleep...sleep environment..etc

14. recovery

-how and what you use for help in recovery after the workout...... i.e..supplements...steroids....massages....hot tubs.....all sorts of different therapies are available......

15. mindset

-how you handle stress....hard training.....the ability to focus.....the ability to take nervousness and channel it towards your workout and meet......

well guess this hits about everything......

again i apologize for my over zealous actions.......i must realize the more experience one has the easier it is to take all of these things in account when making decisions.....good luck and always willing to answer any questions.....

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