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Tips For Improving Your Bodybuilding Workouts

Posted by: PFB

The first thing you should do is choose your goals. Do you want to increase muscle mass, lose fat to get ripped, or just to increase strength? When you decide on your goal you can then find the best methods to reach that goal.

If you are just beginning bodybuilding you should take your time to learn the exercises and start light and work your way up to heavier weights.

You should use heavy weights but never at the expense of good form as this will increase your susceptibility to injury.

You should learn anatomy and the names and functions of your muscles this way you will know exactly how to exercise them to build and sculpt them.

Your bodybuilding workouts should cover all the major muscle groups and you should use a wide variety of exercises to hit the muscles from all angles.

Here is a good bodybuilding workout program training four days a week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday while resting on Wednesday and over the weekend:

Monday: Legs, Back and Biceps
Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Legs, Back and Biceps
Friday: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

This bodybuilding workout will hit each muscle group twice a week for maximum growth stimulation and recovery time to allow your muscles to heal in between workouts. This is very important in any body building program.

Make sure you keep a journal of the exercises, weight, reps, sets, etc. this way you can keep track of your progress or lack thereof and you can make changes as needed in your workouts, diet, supplements, etc.

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