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Help I Wanna Lose Weight

Posted by: Jamie Laska (krazyangel0404@yahoo.com)

I am seriouly overweight. My doctor told me to lose weight or i could die. I am only 23 yrs old and have so much to do in my life. I've tried endless amounts of diets and weight loss programs, and nothing works. Please help!

Re: Help I Wanna Lose Weight

Posted by: Mark, personal trainer (senseimanthony@aol.com)

You want to lose weight fast? Cardio aint gonna cut it (totally)

The only fast way to really change body composition is to change what and how you eat. Period.

Question: How many workout addicts do you see spending hours in the gym week after week but never get the lean, ripped look?

Answer: Most of them.

Why? Because they never modify what and how they eat!

Firstly, you need to eat frequently. Small, balanced, portion-controlled meals every 2.5 hours is a good start. That will light a fire under your matabolism, speeding it up to an inferno.

However...eat for what you are GOING TO BE DOING within the next two hours. NOT what you've already done. That's history...

For instance, you should only eat LOW GLYCEMIC carbs only before exercise. (eliminate high glycemic carbs altogether) If you are NOT going to do any exercise within the next two hours of your day, stick with a protien snack.

Carbs turn to fat quick if you don't use them, and let me tell you, you can't use up a plate of pasta by doing a half-hour of "cardio" on an exercise bike. FORGETABOUTIT!!

Also...start building muscle by getting into a weight training program under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Muscle takes more energy to maintain, so your metabolism does speed up if you have more muscle on your bones.

Hope that helps!

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