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Is creatine actually beneficial?

Posted by: PFB

If you ever wondered if creatine is beneifical or not read this post.

Supplements can be a benefit to your workout, for that there is no argument. It is down to you to ensure that the supplements are used effectively and do not hinder either your workouts or your health in general. When used in the right way you can see results far quicker than simply going to the gym, and if you are effective in using them then you will be happy with the outcome. There are supplements that offer slightly more than just the simple protein shake, and these have to be seriously considered before you take them, and creatine is such an addition. It can be a big help to those who want to gain muscle mass quickly, but at the same time there are concerns over its use.

Is Creatine Helpful?

Creatine is a natural substance, and occurs in the body without the need to add supplements to your diet. Adding creatine as a supplement will do one thing, and that is to supply energy to your muscles, consequently leading you to have the ability to lift more weight, and grow your muscles accordingly. Clearly this will be seen as a huge benefit to anyone with the intention of improving their muscle mass and lifting abilities. With such a response to resistance exercise, you are probably considering taking the supplement to improve your performance. Before you go down your local gym to buy supplements you need to ensure that they are right for you, and will cause no long term side effects. Whilst creatine can undoubtedly help you in the short term, there have been concerns over its other effects.

Or Is Creatine A Hindrance?

There have been concerns over the use of creatine since it started entering the diets of gym goers and athletes. Various claims have been made which would ultimately affect your performance if you decided to take creatine. Hydration and heat tolerance was said to be a serious problem, and although there have been no foundations to this claim, a linked problem has seen more concerns from the health professionals. There have been concerns that creatine can cause serious problems to the kidneys and liver and anyone with underlying problems in these areas should avoid using the supplement. Many people will advise that you drink plenty of water with creatine in order to flush it through your kidneys effectively, although it most medical research shows that keeping your daily intake below 20 grams per day should lead to no adverse side effects.

Closing Thoughts On Creatine

Consequently it is important that you consider your own health before you begin to take creatine. Whilst it has no adverse effects on many people, there are some who will be susceptible to kidney or liver problems. It is important that you do as much research as possible before you commit to taking creatine, as any unknown physical issues could be aggravated by the supplement. There is no doubt that creatine can give you serious muscle power in the gym, but the decision to take it should not be off the cuff.

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