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Bodybuilding Language

Posted by: PFB

As the original true form of bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding has evolved over time with its own unique language and vernacular (slang). Like visiting a foreign country, the uninitiated will hear certain phrases in the gym that embody the culture or describe a specific physical state or training methodology. For example, it is not considered offensive to comment on someone's physique in terms of size, balance, proportion or degree of muscularity or leanness. Terms like fat, soft, hard, lean, cut, ripped and shredded are used frequently with discretion.

Different training methods, concepts or bodybuilding associations are commonly reduced to "buzz words" or acronyms for ease of recognition. INBA for example is an acronym for International Natural Bodybuilding Association. A "rep" is short for repetition. Above the clinking and clatter of the iron and machines one can hear, "C'mon...you can do it, push harder, excellent work, well done and so on. In the gym "get it up" carries no sexual connation but male and female sexuality shine like diamonds glimmering in the sun. The world of natural bodybuilding comes complete with its own set of principles, dialogue, ceremony and tradition. It is a world of conviction that recognizes valor and rewards a strong work ethic.

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