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What are the benefits of fitness assessment

Posted by: PFB

Modern disease is progressive and degenerative. It takes decades for the vast majority of young people to develop cancer, heart disease or adult onset diabetes. But most disease is also preventable and biological age (unlike chronological age) is something we have control over. That's why a fitness assessment is essential. We need to know how fit we are (or aren't) and what our true biological functional age is. Knowledge of the hard core facts is critical. They provide an account of what is and what will be if we don't take anabolic action to counter the forces of entropy, oxidation and gravity. Remember, action is the bridge between the inner world of desire and the outer world of realization.

So make an appointment with a personal trainer or an exercise physiologist and put your health and fitness to the test. See what you're made of! See what you're capable of! Come to terms with reality! Take stock and then take action! Check with your local gym or fitness center or try the kinesiology or physiology department of any local university. Start with a standard fitness appraisal and expect to pay around 35-75 dollars. The test should include an assessment of your blood pressure, heart rate and aerobic capacity, a measurement of your muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility and a body composition analysis.

I promise if you commit to such an event your level of self awareness will improve and you'll discover that exercise in this modern age of computers, cell phones and laser technology is not an option. Your whole outlook in life will change for the better because of what you'll learn about yourself. The experience is not only self-motivating, it is an essential prerequisite for achieving and maintaining optimum health lifelong.

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