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Benefits of having a training partner

Posted by: Phil

What ever your goal is I suggest you get and use a training partner. Find someone who is at your level of fitness, although your goals may be different you will benefit in the long run.

The advantage of having a partner are:

1. You will train safer (a spotter is necessary).

2. You will secretly compete with each other, making for a more intense work-out.

3. You will have more motivation to train.

4. On those days you don't feel like training you know your partner is waiting for you, you will not blow off your partner or your work-out.

5. You can discuss different methods of training.

Male or Female it makes no difference, if you are unable to find a partner then ask someone at the Gym for a spot, just the idea of someone watching you complete a set will add intensity to your work-out. If no one is training at the same time ask the desk person for a spot, he has an obligation to help you, they will not refuse to help you weather it may be a question on how to perform an exercise or assist you in your training. If they do refuse, which I doubt, you should not re-new your membership.

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