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Bodyweight exercises progression

Posted by: Ammar

Just read through the bodyweight training guide from https://www.the-muscle-experiment.com and I must say it's one of the most concise and well-written training documents I've read. I'm looking forward to putting it into some serious 6 month practice. But, as I haven't done bodyweight exercises in a long time, I don't believe I'll be capable of pulling off one-legged squats and handstand pushups (at least with any good form) anytime soon, can I substitute those with other good bodyweight exercises?

And finally to work up to those advanced bodyweight movements, what type of progression would you use? I only ask because I recently read Convict Conditioning from the Dragon Door fellas and they advise a 10-step routine to work upto doing full one-legged squats and headstand pushups etc but that takes some solid time and work. Curious what your opinions were as you are the ONLY person I know who's advocated gaining mass using BW movements and I really appreciate you doing that. So much misinformation out there.

I apologize for the long message, just wanted to get my thoughts and questions across.

Looking forward to your response,


Re: Bodyweight exercises progression

Posted by: Paul

A simple method of progession for bodyweight exercises is to do partials, for exampale do 1/4 reps, work up to 1/2 reps, 3/4 reps then finally full reps.

Let me know how it goes.



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