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How much fat intake for bulking

Posted by: Dwayne

Are you one of the many people who cuts fat out of your diet - on purpose? Join the crowd as many supplement makers do the same thing. The top meal replacements or power shakes often have no fat or just a bare minimum such as one gram. But that's a big mistake if you are going for muscle bulk. Fat is one of the main factors that helps cause muscle bulk growth so you don't want to cut it out of your food intake - you want to do the opposite and increase your fat intake.

Fat makes your muscles grow. And fat works with protein to produce more growth. In fact protein by itself doesn't do much at all. It needs fat for some traction. Without the fat, the protein is largely ineffective. Finally some supplement makers are getting the point and producing supplements with fat.

Half & Half

Vince Gironda had his trainees deliberately drink half and half when they were on a bulking phase. Half and half has a lot of fat but guess what? His trainees didn't get fat - they got muscular and big.

So don't skimp on the fat. Go ahead and put some butter on your bread Put some sour cream on your potato and some dressing on your salad. And enjoy. Not only do you get the extra fat in your diet, it also makes food taste much better.

The only caveat is to use natural fats. Artificial fats just don't cut it as they are unhealthy and probably not a real growth factor anyway. But go for all the natural options, including mono hydrate, polyunsaturated, saturated, and the various Omegas. Make sure you are getting a good amount of fat in every meal. And snack on natural peanut butter between meals to get in even more fat.

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