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One Meal a Day for Bodybuilding

Posted by: Dwayne

Most guys who train eat a lot of meals - sometimes as often as six or seven a day. So it can be somewhat shocking to find that there are bodybuilders and athletes who get by on far less. In fact some drop as low as one meal a day.

Serge Nubret, who had one of the most amazing physiques of all time, at only one or two meals a day. And the same was true for athletic phenomenon Hershal Walker. And the king of beast - the lion, eats only once a day or less, yet maintains 500+ pounds of muscle. So you don't have to have half a dozen meals a day to get and keep a body in awesome shape.

Eating one meal a day acts like intermittent fasting for the body. This keeps the metabolism sharp as a knife. And it gets the body out of the complacent path on which it had been going. Moving to one meal a day can be shocking - in a good way - and gives the body a big jolt.

Another favorable aspect of a one-a-day meal comes from the body's deep use of the available nutrients. When you stuff the body full of food a lot of it goes by the way. But when you are only eating once a day the body has to concentrate its digestion on all it can get. This can help magnify the use of the macronutrients.

So if you only eat one meal a day, what should it be? Obviously no junk food involved. You want the top macronutrients - the best of the best. This means high quality protein like eggs, milk, chicken, turkey, and good fat, such as that the goes along with those foods. And don't forget fruits and vegetables. They contain a host of healthy factors that benefits your body's processes. So when you do have your one meal of the day, make it a hearty and healthy meal because it has to last until the next day.

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