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DUP Training - the Daily Undulating Periodization Workout

Posted by: Dwayne

Have you heard of DUP - Daily Undulating Periodization workouts? DUP training is centered on the idea of training muscle groups frequently - more frequently than you may be use to. In other words, high frequency training. This is the opposite of the HIT approach to infrequent workouts. DUP does it rapidly.

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Daily Undulating Periodization centers on maximizing muscle protein synthesis. That's the process of growth, rebuilding and the activity of the protein in the body that is highly elevated after a workout, and stays elevated for some time. This is also when the post workout burn occurs - the metabolic elevation that comes from a hard workout.

DUP works to get these post workout elevations occurring frequently. That means a key trigger in muscle growth is continually being pulled.

DUP is not always used on a day after day basis, but on a frequency basis of typically 3 times a week, like this:


Each workout is similar to the other, but not quite the same. Here is one example:

Workout =
Squat, bench press, Chins, standing barbell press
Workout = Squat, Bench press, barbell curl, seated dumbbell press
Workout = Hack squat, Incline press, dumbbell curls, Power cleans
This is all completed in one week.

Specific muscle groups are worked over several times during the week but the same exercises may not be employed for all of them.

There are dozens of different combinations you can employ for DUP but the best way to work DUP is with compound exercise that take advantage of several muscle groups at once.

DUP is an interesting training concept and one you should give a chance with in your next training cycle.

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