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The Mentzer Method to Fitness Book For Sale

Posted by: Paul

I am selling my copy of...

The Mentzer Method to Fitness: A Revolutionary Weight-Training System for Men and Women by Mike Mentzer

Mike Mentzer is a former Mr. America and Mr. Universe. The Mentzer Method is a step-by-step program that proceeds from warm-up exercises to advanced techniques for the competitive bodybuilder. All exercises are fully illustrated with photographs.

Mike Mentzer, the only man ever to win the Mr. Universe contest with a perfect score, has developed a revolutionary weight-training system based on his own unique training methods. Using high-intensity workouts of approximately thirty minutes' duration three or four times a week, the Mentzer Method not only builds strength and muscle but it also provides complete cardiovascular conditioning.

The Mentzer Method can be done by both men and women, as the illustrations in the book demonstrate, even if you have never lifted weight in your life. And because it utilizes high-intensity workouts, the Mentzer Method harnesses and eliminates the stresses of daily life.

When combined with the sensible nutritional program described in the book, the Mentzer Method can guarantee total fitness through weight-training alone.

E-Mail Me if you are interested.

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