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Fasting can help you gain muscle

Posted by: Dwayne

Smart Way to Build Muscle Fast

Looking for a new way to build muscle fast? Who isn't? Most people would like to build muscle fast, but it often takes something extra to get there. In fact most people don't build muscle fast - they get stuck against a wall where the gains don't come through very well, if at all.

Unusual Approach

There are a few ways to kick start muscle growth, but some of these take some time to accomplish. However, if you want to get real quick results, consider a real drastic approach. For the drastic approach, you fast for three days (just taking water, nothing more, nothing less). At the end of three days, you go back to eating normally.

What does this fast do? It resets your body's blood and other building processes. In a way it is a renewal of your body's activities and the results will be a new push in muscle growth.

This push comes at the most important level - the blood cells. Fasting enhances your blood cell activity, helping it renew those cells for rapid response and big change in the body. Positive change, that is. So the fasting is like taking a step back, but in turn it lets you take five steps forward. And in renewing the cells in the body, the muscle cells are also renewed.

So if you are looking for fast muscle growth, consider the strange path of a short fast for fast muscle gains.

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