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Bodybuilding Book Reviews

Posted by: Frank

Smart Way to Build Muscle Fast

If you're getting frustrated with all the same generic advice you get on forums and websites, then you should change the game plan. Below is a list of the top five best bodybuilding books of all-time, giving you access to a very no-nonsense training type of instruction from the most well-respected bodybuilding minds in the business.

1. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Body-building: The Fully Updated and Revised Bible of Bodybuilding, written by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This really is probably the most recognized as the only bible in bodybuilding.

This classic was last updated and revised by Arnold in 1999, and after a lot of focus on this publication to not have any "non-scientific" bodybuilding methods and Arnold came out ROCK SOLID on all the information in every aspect for weight training. From Nutrition, Diet, injury recovery, psychology, training methods, everything, sports science has passed it with flying colors.

2. Examine Muscle Gain through the Performance Stack Guide written by Examine.com. These Stack Guides are important because each one is an independently researched collection of manuals that detail the validity of important key supplements we all use to promote various fitness and health benefits. This guide is known to be the HOLY GRAIL because it is backed with real science. Used globally by all fitness professionals for supplement information that is accurate.

3. The Poliquin Principles: Successful Strength and Mass Development Methods, written by Charles Poliquin. This book is only for serious bodybuilders. This superb book is able to use real proven science behind strength and weight-training to optimize your training. If you've been relying on the internet for your training advice, this book will blow your mind.

4. A Bodybuilder's Book Brother Iron, Sister Steel: written by Dave Draper. The book is part training manual, part autobiography from one of the most famous of all bodybuilders, with a few entertaining stories and some solid practical advice. If you are looking for inspiration, this book will help to re-think your training.

4. Blood and Guts written by Dorian Yates. This giant of the 90's is probably the most well-respected and accomplished bodybuilders of our time. Yates' simple philosophy on the surface is a lot of intensity, a great diet, always using proper technique, with adequate rest. But this book really gets interesting when Dorian writes on attitude, integrity and character.

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