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Insanity Bodyweight Workout

Posted by: Dwayne

Insanity Workout Review

The price is right for the Insanity body weight workout. That's because it doesn't require a gym or club membership.


The Insanity Body weight workout takes a different approach to training that most other styles as it focuses on the mid-gear range. Most training centers on high gear - a quick set of reps. However, the Insanity approach is to perform what they call a "max interval" that consists of three minutes of training followed by a short half minute rest interval. Typically things work the other way around - the exercise is short and the rest is long. Insanity turns that on its head and makes the exercise long and the rest short.

The insane exercise sessions really crank up the metabolism and send it skyrocketing as this type of training takes the caloric burn rate over 1,000 calories per hour.

The Insanity approach, by targeting the mid-gear, will give your body a workout like it hasn't had before. That will promote new growth. And mixing new growth with a big caloric burn-off will.

You have the option of 10 different workouts in the Insanity approach to getting in shape and these workouts can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. And when you are only getting in 30 seconds of rest between workouts, its no wonder the workouts are called "Insanity". You change workouts each week so you also get some muscle confusion going as well.

The Insanity program is somewhat like the P90 programs only you use bodyweight instead of equipment. As with the P90, you get nutritional direction. Pylo work is also included with bodyweight, as is a Fit test.

Using body weight allows you to build some muscle, but as some people have pointed out, this is not a bulk building program. You lose fat and build some muscle, but you don't get maximum muscle size from this routine as it cannot hit the upper end of size production from its very nature (body weight exercises can only take you so far).

The Insanity program is a good cycle to use to zap some fat off your body but for long-term size you want to get back to the weights.

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