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What Happens to Bodybuilders When They Get Old?

Posted by: Dwayne

What happens to bodybuilders as they get old? One big factor is whether or not the bodybuilder took steroids and other chemicals during his career. That factor forces the bodybuilder down one of two paths.

Steroid Using Bodybuilder

The old steroid user doesn't have much to look forward to. There is the likelihood of heart problems that come from the steroid use. And other issues, such as going totally bald and the emotional side of long term steroid use that catches up with the user.

And there is more. The body's dependence on steroids for so many years has caused its natural testosterone and growth hormone production to wilt almost to nothing, and the body in turn wilts. And it struggles with gaining fat as low testosterone translates into higher body fat.

Non-Steroid Using Bodybuilder

For the non-steroid using bodybuilder, old age isn't so tough. In fact the non-steroid user can continue at a high level for a very long time. Look at Jack Lalanne, for example, who was in great shape in his 90's. Other natural bodybuilders like Vince Gironda and John Grimek stayed sharp for decades.

There are a couple of things that aging brings for both groups including the need for a longer warm up period and the issue of the mid-section. Older bodybuilders tend to gain a bit of fat around the waist, and some gain a lot of extra girth. The body can slow down a bit and to combat this you have to crank up the activity level as well as watch the diet more closely.

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