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Benefits of a DNA test for bodybuilding and fitness

Posted by: Shawn

If you have ever thought that you've been pushing to the extremes in your workouts but don't get the results that you expected, then you need to consider the scientific option. There is a way that you can get your DNA sequence analyzed and know exactly what activity you will genetically respond to.

If this thought had never occurred to you because of the huge cost implications of having such complicated gene sequencing done, then you should know that it can be done for a couple of hundred dollars. The times we live in are changing very fast and top athletes need to use every advantage they can.

Anyone is able now get their DNA profile done from just 5ml of your spit. It gets sent to a lab and you get the results online when you set up an account. It's become big business and is called fitness genetics. They market the lab test with a weight-loss and wellness assurance.

Many of the gold medalists at the London Olympics had taken this DNA test and planned their training around the results. It makes perfect sense and one cannot be surprised to see these athletes standing on the Olympic podium. The future is upon us and some athletes would certainly benefit from a change in strategy according to their genetic strengths.

The idea of adapting your diet and your training specifically to enhance your strongest genes, or adjust them to increase the stress you put on your weakest genes, the choice is yours. Coaches all over the world can now scientifically prove why an athlete should train in a certain way.

The results you get explain that they are not legally entitled to interpret the results to indicate whether you should do endurance sport or strength sport. But the results tell all, you get a very specific measurement of the genetic capacities you were born with.

The lab results give a scientific reading for your genetic power, your endurance potential plus the potential for injury. From a bodybuilders point of view, the reading of one's own genetic recovery speed is without a doubt the most valuable. This information will tell you exactly how often and how hard you need to train to get optimal results.

Other important information for any athlete who pays for this service is his/her VO2 Max reading which is basically a measurement of your cardiovascular capacity. The developers of this idea try to convince the viewer that anyone can benefit from this info because you could adjust your lifestyle to suit your genes and hopefully make life a bit easier.

For example, putting a number to your intolerances will allow you to make the necessary dietary and life-style changes that will increase longevity. Although this service is still brand new, researches are confident in the long-term results that this will have on any person who uses this information correctly.

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