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Steve Michalik Training Routine

Posted by: Dwayne

Steve Michalik was all about intensity and so was his training approach. He employed heavy weight loads to get maximum intensity. He would use a leg press load with very heavy amounts and then super set that with heavy leg curls. Doing this works both sides of the legs.

Big Muscles

Michalik hit the big muscle groups first - the legs and back. These are the biggest muscles in the body and working them intensely really raises the metabolism. He would also use hack squats, leg extensions, and then finish with the regular squat - all with heavy weight loads.

For his back training he used lots of rowing movements (cable, regular, seated) and then finished up with heavy deadlifts.

Second Day

On the second day of training he would work the chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps, in that order, working from the largest muscles down to the smallest muscles. For the chest he used pullovers, bench press, incline and decline movements. For the shoulders he used seated press, regular press, lateral raises and shrugs. For triceps work he used lying, flat and seated triceps French press movements.

For the biceps he used preacher, standing, incline and then back to preacher curls. Considering that he used heavy weights, it is amazing to note that his repetition range was quite high (typically 10-16 reps per set).

He took one day off, then got back to training again.

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