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Best workout for back wings

Posted by: PFB

Back Workout #1
1. Bent Row 2-3x6-10 (I use the EZ Curl Bar)
2. TBar Rows 2-3x6-10*
3. 1arm DB Row 2x6-10
4. Low Row 2x6-10*
* - Alternate Exercises
Back Workout #2
1. Deadlifts 1x12, 1x10, 1x8
2. Bent Row 2-3x6-10
3. 1 Arm DB Row 2x6-10

Alternate between these two workouts. I don't advise doing deads every week as they beat the hell out of you. Do them every other week.

When working back, contraction is especially important. Since you can't see your back muscles, you tend to not give it as much attention as a more visible muscle like the chest or biceps.

The number of repetitions I list is a goal. You should achieve muscle failure at the completion of the 10th rep, do not quit at number 10 if you have not achieved failure. I recommend you work your biceps with your back.

Warm up REALLY well. You DO NOT want a back injury. They are not fun and are very hard to treat. Treat your back right!

To properly perform a row, pull the weight with your back muscles. Do this by concentrating on keeping your elbows tucked in and squeezing your shoulder blades, not by pulling with your arms. Your arms are merely levers in back work, not primary movers. You must understand this to efficiently work your back.

Keep your movements basic and your poundages heavy and you will get that thick back you are after!

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