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Vitamins for Muscles

Posted by: Fred

In recent news, all the medical associations are coming out stating that everyone should take vitamins. This is quite contradictory to their previous statements. But why exactly should we take vitamins and which is the right one. Well, vitamins are typically the nutrients that your body cannot produce enough of or at all. These nutrients are used for everything. vitamins help your body to create energy. vitamins are needed for healing and growth. vitamins can help our bodies to repel disease and help us get well when we are sick. vitamins are essential to life, without them we cannot live. With information like this you've got to wonder why they never told us that we needed to take them before. Fortunately, vitamins our found in food. But with topsoils having been stripped of their nutrients for centuries, food just doesn't contain enough of the vitamins for us. And the American diet of processed foods contains even fewer vitamins. So it's definitely safe to say that we need to take vitamins. Athletes are fine tuned machines that add extra physical demand to their bodies and they need larger quantities of vitamins than the average person.

There really is too much to say about vitamins to fit it all here. So I'll just talk specifically about Manno's Program Multi-Max. Manno's Program was developed using science and Tom Manno's years of experience to provide a top notch line of supplements for any athlete. Multi-Max is formulated for the high demands of the athlete. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities to keep up with any athlete. It has added antioxidants like lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthan, grape seed extract, quercitin, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, pine bark, alpha lipoic acid, and coq10, plus enzymes to better help you absorb all your vitamins. And there's no shortcomings in the forms of vitamins used either. For example Ester-C is used as the source of Vitamin C, it is rare to find a multiple vitamin with Ester-C. Ester-C is the highest absorbable form of Vitamin C available and wont cause stomach upset commonly associated with Vitamin C. Hydroxy-apatite is the source of calcium used, again rarely found in a multiple vitamin. Hydroxy-apatite is a very expensive form of calcium that is far superior in absorption than all other natural forms of calcium. And every vitamin found in Multi-Max is natural, there are no synthetics here.

No matter what vitamins you choose, be certain that there are no synthetics forms used. Synthetics do not absorb well at all and some potentially can cause health problems. If your not supplementing vitamins and minerals, you may have difficulty reaching your full potential and maximum health.

Get Manno's Program Multi-Max to put yourself in a state of premium health.

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