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Why you are not losing fat

Posted by: Shawn

There could be many reasons why you are not losing body-fat but if you are healthy and not suffering from any metabolic disorder the only reason you are not losing body-fat is because you are eating too many calories. That does NOT mean you need to starve yourself as this will only make the problem worse.

Another reason you are unable to lose fat is because you constantly change your diet from one new fancy "trending" diet to another which does not give your body enough time to adapt to the new changes. Any diet you go on will eventually fail if your objective is fat-loss, you need a lifestyle change.

A lifestyle change means a change in the usual eating habits that put on the fat you want to get rid of in the first place. Going on a "diet" implies that the diet will stop at some point which means you will simply go back to the eating habits that got you fat.

Cutting out carbohydrates and trying to lose fat through ketosis diets like Dr. Atkins are not healthy and sustainable. Hidden calories found in sodas and protein shakes is something that should always be in your awareness when trying to lose fat. You should chew 90% of the calories you have during your day and only drink water.

Hidden calories are often added when you eat more than just a handful of peanuts for example. The key to losing body-fat is calorie awareness of what you eat all the time. The first step is learning to count calories so that you can look at any plate of food and know approximately how many calories are there.

The way that you train can also have a huge impact on your ability to lose fat. If you are doing more than 20 minutes of cardio every day then you are doing too much cardio. You need to concentrate on strength training to help increase fat-loss of not lose any muscle mass while you lose fat.

Sports science has now conclusively proven that your training intensity that you train with is directly related to your fat-burning ability up to 72 hours after a workout. You should always be trying to pump up the intensity when you are training so that you can reach these EPOC levels that enable fat-loss.

Stress management is an important part of fat loss. If you are not sleeping at least 8 hours every night and you find a way to monitor your stress that your body is going through you will start winning the fat-loss battle. Anything from meditation to yoga needs to be incorporated into your daily routine so that you can always keep a lid on your stress levels.

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