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How to get stacked muscle fast

Posted by: Shawn

After extensive research costing millions of dollars there is still no silver bullet or some magic pill we can swallow to gain muscle. 50 years of research only tells us that gaining muscle comes from lifting and heavier weight on a regular basis and sports scientists call it progressive resistance.

There is no trick that will work to add 10 pounds of muscle to your body in a month despite the BS you might find online. Muscle comes from getting stronger because the stronger a muscle gets the bigger it gets. The muscle gets bigger because the size of the muscle fibers increase as well as the number of muscle fibers.

Always go back to the basic "Big Four" when training for size. Squats, deadlift, bench-press and military press should be the foundation of any program to get stacked as you first need to get strong before you can start gaining more muscle. Start off using higher reps with a lighter weight as you get used to the movement.

But working with a heavy weight with low reps also has its place. When you lift a weight for a lot of reps you get a pump in your muscles as they get stacked with too much blood called the pump. Over time this increases the size of the muscle fiber allowing it to hold more blood causing your muscles to grow.

When you train with a heavy weight for low reps you are stimulating your central nervous system (CNS) and your body starts to change because of the many different adaptations that need to happen as your body demands you get stronger.

If your training program includes both high reps with a light weight and low reps with a heavy weight you will be giving yourself the best advantage when training for increased muscle size. Any good muscle building program is built on a simple foundation of three basic requirements.

Nutrition, training and rest plus the daily water intake are the factors that will directly influence your success in gaining muscle. Gaining muscle demands more calories but just adding junk food to your daily calorie requirement is only going to add to your body-fat and not help muscle repair.

If you are training with weights on a regular basis because you want to get stacked with muscle you need to get 8 hours of good quality sleep every night. You should eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body-weight and always try to eat as many times during your day as you can.

What and when you eat are key to success in muscle a gain. If you are training with the high intensity required for muscle gain you should always include a pre and post workout meal or snack. The correct carbohydrate and protein mix in these meals is also important when fine tuning the results that you get.

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