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Muscle control exercises

Posted by: Shawn

If you are one of the many bodybuilders or weight trainers that have tried everything to get stronger but never seem to steadily increase the weight lifted then you should try muscle control movements. There is nothing complicated about muscle control, it is the same as flexing a bicep muscle.

If you slowly flex your arm you should feel both your triceps and biceps working and if you concentrate while doing this you are increasing the neuromuscular pathways that supply that muscle. This is muscle control will improve your overall strength when you need to use the muscle in a supreme effort to lift a weight.

The bodybuilding experts all agree that one can combine mind control with normal conventional movements to improve strength gains and enlarge the muscle targeted. When this mind control is practiced on a regular basis you will eventually get the strength of Sampson with the lightness of a tiger and the speed of a panther.

All top bodybuilders use muscle control when posing and most of them will readily admit that it is because of this constant tensing and relaxing that muscle separation is achieved along with improved strength. Improving the ability of a muscle to contract also improves the neuromuscular pathways allowing the muscle to contract more efficiently and at faster rate.

Some of the top bodybuilders and strength athletes that strongly believe in the importance of mind control over the muscle are old timers like Eugen Sandow and John Grimek along with strength athletes like John Farbotnick. There are many others that went on to become top professional bodybuilders that do not talk about the importance of muscle control and how it improves concentration.

Mind control over the muscle is part of the learning curve on needs to start when building muscle and strength. The more effectively you can isolate any muscle the faster and more effectively you will be able to contract that muscle or muscle group, but it takes practice.

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