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Morning workout benefits bodybuilding

Posted by: Shawn

If you are unaware of the advantages of training before your day starts rather than training when your day is coming to an end then you need to read this as it could make the difference to your workouts that you might be looking for. A study was released showing conclusively that there is more testosterone floating around your body in the morning than the early afternoon or late evening.

Not that you really needed to know this as any man will testify to knowing that this is true. If you have never trained early in the morning then it is highly recommended by the experts and here are just a few reasons why training first thing is better.

Probably the biggest reason is simply because the gym where you train is more than likely packed when you train in the afternoon. This means that the chances of you training super-sets or giant sets will be very small as all the machines and equipment on the floor are already taken.

This obviously is going to directly affect the overall intensity of your workout if you are unable to go from one movement to the next as a super-set. When your intensity of your workout is so directly affected it is going to directly affect the results that you get from that workout.

But it is not only your testosterone count that is elevated in the morning, there is also a long list of other vitally important growth hormones like HGH and IGF that will immediately increase your ability to repair from an intense workout when training in the morning.

A benefit that you will not be aware of if you have never trained early in the morning is the increased focus and attention you can give to your work when you get to the office or school that you attend. Your mental capacity is increased because of more oxygen floating around your blood.

The point is that training early gives you an advantage if your objective is to build muscle and you will be doing yourself a favor by training before work or school. The chances of you missing workouts is also reduced as you start to get into a regular training routine where there are no people or family awake to upset your plans to go and work out.

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