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Bill Sahli workout routine

Posted by: Dwayne

If you like the Mike Mentzer old school style of HIT training (see https://www.trulyhuge.com/Mike_Mentzer_HIT_Video.htm), then Bill Sahli's your guy. He continues the line of the intelligent approach to training the body in a maximum manner.

Here are a few gems from his articles:

Perform only one set per exercise. Your workouts should be BRIEF, no more than 4-5 sets per workout, lasting no more than 25 minutes or less. Less is better.

The last impossible rep turns on the growth mechanism, train to failure. High reps are less stressful and low reps are more stressful. The last rep to failure, high or low is INTENSE and thus turns on the growth mechanism of the body.

Do not use momentum! Swinging and using poor exercise style does nothing but decrease the intensity of contraction, not to mention, create a dangerous situation for injury to occur.

And like Mike, Bill is a big proponent of extended rest periods. He has a rule that when you feel your body has fully recuperated from the workout, you then add a couple more days rest, of time off away from training, before going back to the gym.

Salhi's old style HIT approach is quite drastic in the area of rest - he calls for anywhere from 4 to 14 days off between training sessions. Why so long? He believes that you not only need time to rebuild but also some additional time for growth after the rebuilding. This was a concept Mike Mentzer was just starting to develop, and Bill has taken it to the next level. Salhi's motto is that "growth occurs outside the gym" so he gives the body plenty of time to get that growth. This falls in line with the HIT idea that the body recovers systematically and not by particular muscle areas.

Salhi's training style makes a lot of sense as it allows for the body to maximize recovery and growth and is well worth trying for an extended cycle.

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