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Tips to get cut muscles

Posted by: Dwayne

Easy Steps to Get Cut to Shreds

So you want to get cut to shreds - now what? The first step is to use your diet to control your body. Vince Gironda said that bodybuilding was 85 percent nutrition, and that puts the spotlight on the area you can use to get ripped the quickest - your diet.

Fiber Focus

If you are like most bodybuilders you don't get enough fiber. Most people get 10-15 grams of fiber a day, and that is far short of what the body needs. The targeted amount for most men is in the 35 to 38 grams per day range.

When you boost your fiber intake to this level you put a double whammy on body fat because fiber helps make your body trimmer and it also cuts down on your appetite. You don't feel the need to be eating all the time. Also, eating fiber helps prevent spikes in blood sugar, helping yours run at a nice even pace, which in turn prevents fat accumulation.

Eating more fiber is simple - add beans, figs, apples, chia seeds and most vegetables and fruit to your diet and you will boost your fiber intake.


The other quick trick to get shredded fast is to simply cut your sugar intake down drastically. How much? Cut your sugar at least in half. And when you do have sugar, make sure you don't have hardly any in the evening. Try to have it all before lunchtime, so you don't go to sleep on a sugar filled stomach.

A few changes to your diet can make a big change in your body and these changes will go to work fast. Start adding more fiber and taking less sugar right away.

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