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Bodybuilding over 40 workout

Posted by: Shawn

Bodybuilding after 40 routine

Science has now proven that the daily production of testosterone peaks at around 30 years old then slowly gets less and less. Bones and connective tissue start to become thinner and more prone to injuries. We start to lose strength and our cardiovascular capacity begins to spiral downward.

But we can fight back preventing our skin from sagging and prevent a myriad of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis and the many different psychological effects of ageing by training with weights on a regular basis.

Over the years various studies in America show 13.5 million people get coronary heart disease, 8 million people develop diabetes and 1.5 million people get heart attacks every year. Over 100,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer every year with 250,000 new people suffering from hip fractures. In the USA alone there are over 60 million people with high blood pressure and well over 80 million people who are overweight.

Ageing can be stopped or slowed down dramatically with good nutrition, sufficient rest and hydration and regular stretching to improve diminishing flexibility. Without adding the sets and reps that should be changed every 6 to 8 weeks the routine below will prevent this ageing from taking its toll and help you live a healthy and long life after the age of 40 for both men and women.

You should do 5 or 10 minutes of cardio before you start and then do 30 minutes of light low-impact cardio for 30 minutes after your workout. It is vitally important that correct form is maintained in all the movements listed below. If you are not sure then get someone who knows what they are doing to take a look.

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Back and Biceps

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Shoulder and Traps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Thigh / Calves and Abs

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