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Quick bodybuilding meal

Posted by: Dwayne

Quick Meal to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The quickest meal to build muscles and burn fat is a slice of lean turkey breast (from the actual breast - some stores serve these up and slice them for you) along with a bowl of oatmeal and bananas.

This is a very simple meal but it has some magic in it. The turkey is great for your muscles, and the oatmeal and bananas cause the body to start burning fat as fuel. There is one catch here - the bananas need to be a bit green. That's right, green bananas burn fat better than does a regular banana. And oatmeal does the same thing, so pairing them up makes a powerful fat burning effect.

Great Aminos

The turkey breast is full of good amino acids. And to make sure that you get enough, eat just over a third of a pound of turkey, roughly 6 ounces. That will in turn give you 44 grams of protein. Turkey breast tastes good too so you should be able to eat it right up. Add to the 44 ounces the protein that is in the oatmeal and you will have close to 50 grams of protein in lean form.

The entire meal - the turkey and the oatmeal and green banana - are really low in calories. Whenever you need a meal that really builds muscles and burns fat, consider this one.

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