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Increase bench press instantly

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

This may freak you out the first time you try it. . .

But what if I told you that you can use your * brain * to bench press more weight instantly?

Next time you're doing your chest workout and on the bench, do this:

Instead of trying to push the bar away from your chest, mentally imagine you're pushing your BODY away from the BAR.

No, seriously.

Here's why this works...

You see, your brain senses the bar as an inanimate object

- outside of your control -

and it understands that the bar may win in your bench press battle for strength.

However, when you imagine yourself pushing your body away from the bar, your brain recognizes your body as something it DOES have control over.

In response, your brain feels like it can exert more strength during the bench press movement.

This means greater stability and greater strength. . . INSTANTLY!

Try it and you'll see what I mean.

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