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Taking less rest between sets

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

Okay, so here's a quick muscle building tip you can try your very next workout . . .

...Cut all your rest periods in half!

Seriously. Yes, it will be brutal at first...

and you may need to reduce the weight on later sets.

But stick with it for a few weeks and you'll see new muscle growth because of this one principle:

More work in less time = more muscle.

You see, most muscle workouts have too much rest.

If you want to ignite new muscle growth without pounding your joints into submission with super heavy weights, you'll want to to reduce your rest between sets.

You'll jack up your GH levels, accelerate muscle growth and burn fat, too, so you (and others!) can see that new muscle!

Give it an honest try, but don't yell at me after your workout!

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