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Unilateral bicep curls

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

Sure, lifting more and more weight works... up to a point.

But it's just not mathematically possible to constantly get stronger and stronger with every single workout.

And besides, constantly adding more weight and more workload will thrash your joints with a serious pounding.

Look, muscle is about strength - but it's not ALL about strength!

The secret to better results is to "condense your workload".

To put it in the words of one famous Hollywood trainer...

"To increase muscle size you must INCREASE the intensity of work done within a given time. This means that it doesn't matter HOW MUCH work you do but HOW FAST you do it."

Simply put, it's not about poundage, it's about doing more work in less time, also known as the "density principle".

This is a big reason why sprinters look the way they do, RIPPED and MUSCULAR, compared to the scrawny SKINNY FAT look of distance runners.

The sprinters do a lot more work per unit of time.

The result?

Bigger muscles, less bodyfat!

Here's a quick workout you can try in the gym today using dumbbell curls as an example...

Grab one dumbbell that you could crank out about 15 reps with but do only 10.
Switch arms and hit 10 with the other arm.
Switch back to the original arm for another 10.
Keep going until you hit 4 sets with each arm, taking ONLY that fourth and final set to full muscular failure.

Here's why this works...

Training this way hits your muscle fibers from both "sides' giving your muscle growth a double shot of "make me bigger now!"

You also get a jolt of awesome growth hormone, the fat-shedding hormone, while keeping the muscle eating hormone known as cortisol to lower levels.

Plus, your joints don't smack you around with aches and pains.

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