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Pushing past muscle failure

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

When it comes to muscle building, you MUST train intensely.

Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus, pioneered the concept of training with 100% intensity, ie, training to failure to trigger mass gains.

But an important piece of advice by Arthur was forgotten.

Jones suggested that people go BEYOND failure.


And I'm not talking about some of the more popular high intensity techniques available today such as rest-pause, forced reps, drop sets, etc.

I'm talking about a very specific way of training to failure that is very effective for muscle building.

Arthur suggested that once you could no longer complete another repetition. . . you should continue pushing or pulling on the weight for approximately another 20 seconds.

On certain exercises like squats or bench presses, you either need to work in a power rack with safety pins or have a very good spotter.

Let's use the bench press as an example of how to use this to get JACKED UP with more muscle!

Most people, when they start a rep and get stuck near the bottom, they drop the weight against the safety pins or have their spotter help rack it.

Instead, you should continue pushing against that immovable bar for a good twenty seconds (if you can!).

Oh yeah, that will hurt, with some serious muscle soreness coming your way!

Good times!

But this extra push helps make sure you're allowing your muscles enough time under tension for serious mass gaining results!

And time under tension is the name of the game, NOT the amount of weight on the bar!

Be sure and add this mass gaining intensity technique to your arsenal at your next workout. You'll be glad you did.

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