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100 reps workout

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

If you're feeling really daring, then give this exercise strategy a try. . .

And let me tell you, it hurts SO GOOD!

It's called a "Century Set" and here's how to do it...

First, you know that a century = 100, right?

I knew you were smart!


Select an exercise (we'll use chins-ups in this example).

Then perform as many chin-ups in a row as you can.

Let's say that you did 10. . .this means to complete a "Century Set", you have 90 more chin ups left to complete before that "set" is finished.

Using this approach, it doesn't matter how many incremental 'sets' it takes to get your total set of 100 chin-ups - it's all about your end goal of 100 repetitions, even if you are only able to perform two or three at a time towards the end.

Now here's a little secret. . .

To use Century Sets most effectively, they need to be structured as much as possible instead of always going for your maximum rep count at each attempt.

So if 10 chin-ups is your current max, cut that number by 50% and perform sets of five repetitions until you reach 100.

There are some other secrets that help you not only max out any exercise and the pump you get from this is shocking!

The best part though is the effect it has on your "strength" muscle fibers.

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