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Do dips make your chest bigger

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

You think you need to be a slave to the barbell bench press to get that awesome chest? Hardly!

A big chest is all about dips, dips and more dips!

* BUT *

There is a secret!

Rather than keeping your feet BEHIND you, stick them out in FRONT of you!

On the dip bar, keeping your legs straight, bring your feet out in front so your body is in a "V" shape.

Keep your elbows flared OUT away from your body as you lower yourself down and focus on LEANING FORWARD.

Come down far enough that you feel a good stretch in your pecs.

Bringing your feet to the FRONT actually places more emphasis on your lower chest muscles instead of your triceps that tend to give our the earliest.

Also, don't "lock out" at the top of the dip movement!

Stop about 2 inches short of the top to keep the stress on your chest!

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