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How to do dips for chest size

Posted by: Muscle Nerd

I stumbled upon this chest training trick about 6 months ago and it's hands down the BEST trick ever!

Here's how to do it...

First of all, the exercise I developed this for is the 'bodyweight dip".

(Side note: NOTHING beats a set on the dip bars for chest mass...period! It's like the "squat" for your upper body!)

But here's a powerful new way to do it...

* When you lower your body down, try and push the hand-bars AWAY from each other.

* But on the way back up, try and push the grips TOWARD one another while contracting your chest.

Of course the grips aren't going to move, but it creates an INSANE amount of tension in your pecs that super-isolates those muscle fibers while taking the tension off of the triceps (which is where most guys feel it).

Trust me...this is a complete "game-changer" for your chest training!

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