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Why Women Need to Lift Heavy

Posted by: Shawn

This post is going to refer to women and the word "heavy" which should be defined more accurately to avoid any confusion. Training with heavy weights means lifting a challenging weight using between 5 to 8 reps in each set. This means you might have a rep or two still left in the tank but no more than 2 reps.

There are a number of reasons why all women should train with "heavy" weights when weight-training. We have listed a few of them below:

1. Build Confidence

It never fails; you could ask any strength coach across the globe the most noticeable difference with any new novice trainer who starts lifting weights on a regular basis, their confidence increases dramatically within the first few weeks or months.

2. Getting Out The Comfort Zone

Many women may feel a little intimidated with weights when first starting out, however they soon learn the secret to achieving any success in the weight training game is to train outside your comfort zone and never fall into the trap of doing the same routine with the same weight in every workout week after week.

3. Build a Body That You Really Want

Women who dare venturing into the weight room usually land up doing the high reps with a light weight type of weight training, often with very poor results. Hours of cardio and regular high volume with lights weights is not going to allow the ladies to build the lean, toned physique they're looking for.

All women should try training with weights using heavy weights to see what difference it makes to their bodies. If you're female and decide to try training heavy there are a few important guidelines that you should follow. The first of these is to concentrate on compound lifts with a few variations.

Some accessory work on your abs and glutes or a few single leg exercises need not be in the 5-8 rep range. Anybody who trains with weights their first priority is correctness of form, if the movement you're doing does not feel right try using a trap bar deadlift if you're not comfortable with your deadlift form or do a Romanian deadlift, but the objective is to perform your reps using perfect form before you start increasing the weight you're lifting.

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