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How stress affects muscle growth

Posted by: Dwayne

Reduce Stress for Muscle Gain

There are some inhibitors of muscle gains that you want to alleviate so that you can keep those muscles growing as strongly as possible. One of the key inhibitors is stress.

Stress Impairs Muscle Growth

Stress needs to be dealt with right away. You don't want it to rob you from muscle growth at all. And stress can rob you in two ways - it can rob you during your training time and it can rob you during your off time.

Stress robs you by causing your body to tighten up. Your blood flow is constricted and that hinders the path of blood flow (and nutrients) to the muscles. When the body has to deal with stress, it doesn't have time to deal with muscle growth.

Dealing with Stress

So how do you deal with stress? There is a dietary approach and a technical approach to deal with stress. If you are struggling with stress, the dietary help comes from goji berries, which calms the body down and protects the action of testosterone in the body.

The other manner in which to deal with stress is to employ abdominal diaphragm breathing. When you are under stress it is common to go to shallow, chest-oriented breathing. And that just makes the situation worse. To turn things around, purposely start breathing from the belly. Right away you will calm down, as belly breathing reassures the body that things are okay. So when stress shows up, get into belly breathing ASAP.

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