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What are the best exercises for building muscle mass?

Posted by: John

Most people will tell you every exercise is a muscle building exercise, and they aren't entirely wrong. There are piles of workouts and training options that can help you tone up or gain mass. But, here we will list the best exercises for building muscle mass.

If you want to gain mass the first thing you need to realize is that you can't neglect your legs. Most people do for some reason and you see these folks every where. Big chest toothpick legs. They look ridiculous. Squats are a must. If you are going to be putting on mass you want to make sure that you are not doing too many reps. Three to four sets with no more than 8 reps per set. Make sure that you work the muscle to failure only once per workout, otherwise you will be over working the muscle.

Bench press has been a big part of body sculpting since the beginning. For working out the chest you want to be able to alternate in a few different variations of the bench. I prefer regular bench press, inclined bench and then a dumbbell bench to finish it out. Once again only work the muscles to failure with one exercises not all three.

Your back can be a difficult area to workout. The biggest problem is many people hurt themselves while working it. As a matter of fact the number two complaint a doctor here's is I hurt many back. I suggest making sure you have good core strength before lifting too heavy with your back. Also, make sure you always use proper form. Chin ups are a very good shaping exercise for your back. Of course if you are going to workout and gain mass you have to do rows. Make sure you use different variations. Dumbbell rows, regular rows and reverse grip should keep your routine solid.

The last muscle group we will go over is your shoulders. The military press is a personal favorite. The biggest mistake I see is that people tend to be less than smooth with the weight. If you are launching the weight up and down you run the risk of injuring yourself, so be smooth and just press over head. There is no need to rush. Mix this in with some flys and you will have a quality shoulder workout.

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