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Bodybuilding workouts while traveling

Posted by: John

If you're going to succeed in bodybuilding that means dedication (often mistaken for obsession by the masses) which means you can't be taking days off here and there whenever it suits you. It can be quite difficult not to however if you have a busy lifestyle, and particularly if your job or day to day life involves a lot of travelling. Learning to train on the move then is a vital skill if your muscle is to survive the upheaval.

Firstly, if you're going anywhere for a long period of time (for over a week), it's sensible to look for gyms in the area. If you have a choice of hotels then look favourably to the one with the gym facilities, and if there isn't one in-built then how about nearby? While most gyms require you to sign up for at least a couple of months before you can use their facilities, most also offer a free trial session - so simply pretend your interested in joining and try a few in the area. Or even keep returning to the same one as there'll be different staff on the desk from day to day - I once managed to use the same gym like this three times a week for over a month. Now that's dedication!

If that's not possible then you can look at the kind of portable equipment you can carry with you. A "bullworker" is one great tool and involves you pushing two handles that offer resistance in the form of internal springs. Another good one is the elasticated bands you can get which can be used for bicep curls or lateral raises. You can also get dumbbells made of transparent plastic that you fill with water once you get to your location, though a suitcase handle can probably prove just as suitable (almost a pun).

Failing this, there's always body weight exercises and these can make a great upper body workout. Biceps are the hardest to train in this way but you can always use the rim around a door frame as a finger bored/pull up bar, or use your own arm for resistance. Try being creative with your environment too - for example two chairs opposite each other can support your hands for dips. The world is your gym!

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