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Does more protein equal more muscle?

Posted by: Paul

The link between protein intake and muscle mass building is one that is improperly understood by most amateur bodybuilders out there. This is because we are also talking about energy and not just muscle mass. Let us learn about the link that exists between protein, energy and muscle mass.

In 1975 a study was performed, a study that did revolutionize bodybuilding as we see it today. We are talking about the fact that researchers wanted to prove that energy levels did not raise with less intake of protein. Two groups of people were created in order to prove this. Both were given 3000 calories daily in their diets but the difference was that one received 100 g of protein while the other 200 g or protein. The difference in calories was made out through carbohydrates. Both groups were then monitored as they worked out for a longer period of time.

After 30 days the results were exactly as the researchers expected. There was no clear difference between the groups when thinking about energy levels. This basically means that if you and your partner will simply have such a difference between you two in nutrition, you will both have the same energy levels. On the other hand, one difference was noticed and it is highly important for bodybuilders around the world. The group that took in more protein did have better results when thinking about building muscle mass. So, if you and your partner go through these two groups and your partner is the one with more protein, he will eventually gain more muscle than you, even if both of you will have the same energy levels. This is exactly why we recommend that you count your calories right and include more protein. Remember that without supplementation you will rarely achieve the quantities of protein that are the best in order to build muscle mass at the fastest rate possible.

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