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Casein protein benefits for bodybuilding

Posted by: Paul

Casein protein is basically the most important protein that we find in milk. When talking about cow milk you should know that 80% of the protein it contains is casein protein while the other 20% is whey protein. What you need to know is that casein protein comes to the table with a great amino acid profile. You should also be aware of the fact that this type of protein is really well known due to the fact that it is very slowly digested. This property comes with some advantages and disadvantages of using it.

When casein protein reaches your stomach it will form a special gel. It will eventually release amino acids over a long period of time. If you take casein protein you will gain the biggest concentration of amino acids around 3 hours after you consume it. On the whole the entire quantity will be digested in around 8 hours. As a simple comparison, you should know that whey protein will be totally absorbed in 1 hour with the peak of amino acids reached in around 40 minutes.

The trick in getting the best possible combination of protein for bodybuilding stands in combining slow digesting protein with fast digesting protein. We need fast digesting protein right after our workout and the moment we wake up. Slow digesting protein is needed at night, right before we go to bed. The best possible combination we can have in our bodybuilding nutrition plan is to take whey protein in the morning and right after workouts and casein protein before we go to bed. This will give us all the juice needed for the best possible muscle growth and basically bodybuilding achievements.

We also recommend that any protein shake that you take as a meal replacement is made out of whey protein and casein protein in a 50-50 percent combination.

For the best protein powder for bodybuilding try Bio-Engineered Protein.

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