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Individual potential for bodybuilding

Posted by: Paul

Body Type & Individual Biochemistry

Individual people differ not only in their genetic makeup, but also in their metabolic efficiency and nutritional requirements. One of the most important principles in Natural Medicine is the principle of individual biochemistry. Although we are all composed of the same elements and require many of the same essential nutrients for survival, each of us will always exhibit a wide range of individual need and tolerance. This factor is further complicated by lifestyle, stress, emotional state, mental health, exercise and the direct influence of our environment (climate, temperature, exposure to light, altitude, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.)

Knowing your individual body type, regarding how it works and how it functions is invaluable information. This knowledge will bring you closer to understanding your genetic strengths and weaknesses and your biochemical needs. By studying the research and examining different theories from various experts in the field, you can achieve more confidence in your food and exercise selection. Such knowledge will ultimately empower your ability to build muscle, reduce body fat and generally improve your health. Are you an ectomorph or endomorph? What is your blood type? What is your dominant endocrine gland? What is your ethnic origin and chronotype? Knowing who and what you are from the beginning will help you understand what you have to work with and how your body will respond to specific training methods and various contest dieting procedures.

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