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Natural Bodybuilding Philosophy, Code and Conduct

Posted by: Paul

The natural bodybuilder is organized, disciplined and devoted to their ideals. They think, speak and act with joy, health and prosperity. Health and training is always on the forefront of their mind and the tip of their lips. Competition is recognized as a form of positive pressure and used as a means to achieve their personal best. Good sportsmanship in all aspects of life is the trademark of a true natural bodybuilder devoted to the moral integrity and true ideals of sport.

The code of a natural bodybuilder is based on honesty and the virtue of inner strength. They are courageous and true to themselves. A noble character is esteemed above all. Conduct worthy of admiration and respect from others is viewed as a monumental achievement. Etiquette in and out of the gym is courteous, professional and supportive. Natural bodybuilders are sensitive to other individuals and display a considerate mannerism. They are willing to teach and be taught. They have the ability to rise above mediocrity and think “out of the box”. Natural bodybuilders are crystal clear about their objectives and demonstrate consistency in the action required to attain their goals. They are confident in their stride and always desirous of more knowledge and more muscle.

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