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Anabolic Diet Review

Posted by: Paul

In this article we are going to talk about the so called "Anabolic Diet". This diet is known also as anabolic eating. In the following article we are going to present what to eat and when to eat if you chose to follow this diet. Before you try the anabolic diet, by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, we recommend you go to the doctor's office and have a complete physical exam along with the Cholesterol level in your blood analysis. This diet is not suitable for children and pregnant women. So please DO NOT FOLLOW this diet if you are under 18 years or if you are pregnant. The anabolic diet is very controversial and you will use it on your own risk.

Anabolic diet is based on Atkins diet but it is not quite the same thing. While the Atkins diet is recommended to a greater variety of people, the anabolic diet is more suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes especially, providing them with an anabolic (muscle growing) environment.

We all believe that if we get the fats out of our lives we will live happily ever after growing muscles and losing weight. That is not quite right. In a low-fat diet your body will get starved and his first preference on burning will be the proteins you need for your muscles instead of burning fat. Also in a low-fat diet the things you have to eat are usually more expensive than the basic products and in the mean time more unnatural, meaning they contain more artificial supplements and are more processed. The anabolic diet is based on proteins and fats. This means you can eat the things you like with very small restrictions and have the body you always dreamed of.

How can a high-fat diet keep you in shape? I will tell you. The anabolic diet is trying to keep an anabolic state in your body focusing to maintain your protein levels high and burning fat instead of muscles. This means that if you were a little chubby and you got rid of the amount of fats you didn't wanted to have, you can start building muscles without working out in vain. Your body will burn the amount of fat that is unnecessary while keeping the protein for the muscles. Once you got your fat where you want it you can start tuning the amount of fats in your diet just in order to have enough to provide your body the necessary energy. When we say this, we assume that you are training quite intense and frequently. During this diet you have to eat certain amounts of proteins, fats and fewer carbohydrates. An amount of 60% fats, 30% proteins and 10% carbs will do during your weekly meals (Monday - Friday).

During weekends you make a few changes depending of course on your training program. An amount of 40% carbohydrates, 40% fats and 20% protein will be very good. Increasing your carb level provokes an insulin spike. This can increase fat deposits but it will also move more nutrients into your muscular tissue creating the anabolic effect you want. But the weekend will be over and the fats accumulated will go off once your training comes back into play.

The benefits of this diet are that you won't have to use bad substances like steroids to build body mass because the supply of protein will be very generous. Hormones' activity and energy levels will also be increased. With other diets you were losing 60% fat and 40% muscle mass but on an anabolic diet you will lose 99% fat and only 1% of your precious muscles.

To get started with this diet you have to be sure you eat 5 to 6 meals daily. This means that whenever you get hungry get something to eat and don't starve. You have to be sure every time that your meals have a good fat level. If the level of fats in your meals is bellow 40% it's not a good thing at all, and you are on to some other diet. You can start the diet at 3000 calories each day then adjust the calories intake depending to your goals and the results you see. During the weekend keep an eye on the glucose level your food contains. They can help you store fat easily and you don't want that. Now we will talk about food. You have to keep track of the natural fibers you eat. Try to get as much as you can within a 30g of carbs; you can find those 30g of carbs in vegetables instead of bread. You can eat meat. Beef, chicken etc. You can also eat fish, butter, cheese and any kind of oil. You are allowed to eat veggies. We highly recommend spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, olives, asparagus, peppers, sprouts etc. If your other diets were very expensive concerning supplements, the anabolic diet needs only some vitamins as nutrition supplements. Calcium, Vitamin C, Centrum, Vitamin E and B will do just fine. Make sure you don't exceed the maximum dosage admitted for them. Remember that they are pills not candies. Are you still confused? Let me explain again: as the Atkins diet, the anabolic diet is diminishing your insulin level and keeping it constant. The energy level is high and you lose fat very fast. With the insulin diminished you won't be getting the benefits from it. But that is where your carbohydrates come into your meals (weekends or whenever you chose to have a carbohydrates window). As we said before this diet is not recommended for normal people and is not a losing weight diet. Anabolic diet is recommended to body builders: it will help them grow body mass without feeling a lack of energy and without putting on fats, just muscles. If you want results on losing fat and you are not a bodybuilder we recommend you to try the Atkins diet instead of the anabolic diet. The Atkins diet (or low-carb diet) is also suitable for strength athletes and bodybuilders.

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