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Bodybuilding trap workout routine

Posted by: Shawn

All bodybuilders and bodybuilding fans know that good traps are a good sign of serious strength in the upper body. Like the size of calves it comes from years of hard work to develop to the point where it is easy to see and self-evident that the person who owns those traps is a strong man/woman.

Most bodybuilders will not train their trapezius muscle directly for at least the first year as it is a muscle which although one of the main four back muscles can really be seen only from the front. In fact it was this that led to Lee Haney developing his own trapezius type of training.

Haney is quoted as saying: "The traps are behind you and that's where the bar should be." Which when we consider the flexion of the traps Haney is absolutely correct which is proven when one does the Haney Shrug which is one of the many different movements one can do to specifically isolate the traps.

The Haney shrug is done with the barbell behind you with palms facing forward and then lifting the shoulders up just like a normal shrug. The difference according to Haney is that not only are you working more directly on your traps but you are trying to lift the weight and not just raise the barbell with your shoulders.

If you have been training less than a year with weights then you might try adding two sets of normal shrugs or Haney shrugs to your workout. If you have been training for more than a year then more direct isolation movements on your traps are recommended.

Intermediate and advanced bodybuilders should think of adding the trap routine listed below when training your back. It should be noted that unlike any other exercise your first set is with the maximum weight that you can lift for 8 to 10 reps and on the second set to reduce the weight slightly.

Haney Shrugs for 2 X 8-10 reps

Wide grip Shrugs for 2 X 6-8 reps

Upright Rows for 2 X 8-10 reps

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