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Bowflex full body workout routine

Posted by: Shawn

Since Bowflex came onto the market in 1986 it has been through a number of different changes and has been copied many times. It was eventually bought out by Nautilus who also made a few changes to save space. Traditionally the Bowflex had a flat bench which could be adjusted to an incline of 45%.

When the bowflex machines first came onto the market they offered a completely unique and easy way to select different resistance needed. Because the power-rods will get stiffer, offering more resistance the farther you bend them, they provided an effective way of increasing resistance while doing the exercise.

After the fitness boom started in the early 1980's Bowflex was seen as a market leader in the fast growing home gym industry. It offered an extremely effective all-in-one solution to home gyms which enabled the user/owner to exercise each muscle group using only one machine that is small enough to fit into any home.

The different movements targeting all the body-parts to train the whole body has since changed. Using the old Bowflex one can do leg extensions and pulling movements for the back and biceps but since it launched the new Bowflex it changed considerably as it now uses circular weights on a cam.

The Xtreme Bowflex product line was then introduced featuring an upright bench which could not be used as a flat bench horizontally and therefore reduced the amount of exercises that could be done but it decreased the amount of space needed to store and work the apparatus.

In 2006 things changed for the Bowflex again as they changed the core design of the original Bowflex by using circular plates around a regular cam which changed the typical bow-like rods used in the original designs that made it so popular when it was first launched.

Below is a list of recommended movements for the old Bowflex that should be done for only one set of 15 reps before moving onto the next movement. This created a highly effective 20 minute full body workout that could be completed twice to get very good results.

Resisted abdominal crunch
Seated shoulder press
Seated trunk rotation
Seated Lat rowing
Standing bicep curls
Lat pull-downs
Triceps pushdowns
Leg press
Leg extension

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