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How To Bulk Up without Getting Fat

Posted by: Shawn

We need to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to "bulking up". It does not mean cramming in useless dirty calories like fries, burgers and pizzas. It means increasing your calorie intake with clean calories that your body needs to help speed up repair i.e. protein synthesis.

When training to increase muscle size we have to eat more calories than we were eating before we started training. But if gaining muscle was just 30 minutes of weight training with an increased calorie intake we would all have lots of muscle. Unfortunately muscle gain is not that simple.

You can be very scientific about it or you can just guesstimate your calorie needs by using cups. Bulking up with good clean calories comes from preparation before you leave home so that you know exactly what and when you are going to eat that day. Stay away from weight gain powders or meal replacements as they usually are packed with sugar and do not get you the extra protein you need to ingest if you want to gain muscle. You should find a free BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator online which will give you a general idea on how many calories you need if you did nothing all day.

By working out approximately how many calories you need every day you can then get a good idea how to mix your foods while you try to eat at least 5 times a day. The example of the "clean" bulk up meal listed below is just an example of how you could add a shake before and after your training which immediately adds an extra two meals.

Smoothie, protein shake meal replacement:

Low fat milk 2 to 3 cups 300 calories
Fruit or mixed berries 1 to 2 cups 200 calories
Protein powder 40 to 60 grams 160-240 calories
Natural peanut butter 1-2 tbsp 200 calories

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